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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas . . .

Well, here it is 15 minutes before Christmas. The stockings are stuffed; the gifts have been opened (in the Van Dyk family we open Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve so that the children sleep and allow Santa to do his work); and the annual Christmas Light Tour has been taken. Things are good. Life is good. I love being a father (even if it does mean that the house is always in a state of baby clutter and that no one -- not even persons without the requisite equipment to solve the problem -- is getting any sleep).

Anyway, he's a month old now and awake much more often. He seems to enjoy looking around, taking everything in, and "digesting" it (not sure how much digesting he's doing at this point, but he's doing a lot of "taking in"). His mother decided we should dress him up like Santa and snap a few pictures, so we did (in the nick of time, too, as he lost his lunch all over it about 10 minutes after pictures were finished). It just so happens that we had been prepping for this very photo shoot for months; the Santa get-up was the first thing his daddy bought for him while he was still in utero. Anyway, I think he makes a good Baby Santa, if I do say so myself. Click here to decide for yourself.

God bless you all and may you have a wonderful Christmas!


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