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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Twenty-Four Guest "Star" . . .

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a LONG time, please forgive me.

O.K., with that out of the way, on to more important matters. Dost my eyes deceive me or was that, um, I can hardly believe I'm saying this, was that Corey Haim as Lynn McGill on 24 last night?! See for yourself; this is a picture of Corey Haim, courtesy of IMDB:

And this is a picture of Lynn McGill from last night's episode:

What is this world coming to?!

[Pause as Matt reflects on what the world is coming to.]

Oh, crap, wait a minute, that's not Corey Haim, it's Sean Astin; I always get those guys confused. Anyway, the point still stands, I don't want any hobbits (or even former hobbits) on my adventure show. Aargh. I mean, how are we supposed to believe that a hobbit was able to review and digest an hour's worth of transcripts in 2-1/2 minutes, and then decode Jack's secret message in another 10 seconds? C'mon, no hobbit could pull that off.


Blogger Walter said...

My comment!

1/26/2006 3:29 PM|Comment Permalink|  
Anonymous Please Don't Tell My Wife About the Tara Reid Comment said...

This confirms a fact most of us with the infamous pair knew way back when we were still tight rolling our jeans: Corey Haim fans shamelessly worshipped someone who could be confused with a Hobbit. Not to be confused with Corey Feldman, who was a goonie, a lost boy, a bad news bear, and I'm sure has in the last decade sunk to much further levels of self-degradation. Sure, we worshipped Catherine Bach, but she didn't start to resemble Golem until much later in life, by that time we had matured a lot, and were thinking of Tara Reid.

This fact we didn't know, but suspected for a long time, Van Dyk has readily available at all times his autographed Bop poster of Corey Haim. The only thing worse than that would be having it digitized so you could use post it on your blog, or use it as an avatar on the Corey Haim bulletin board. At least he had the decency to digitally tweak the picture to airbrush out the dedication Corey wrote: "To Mattea, I've never heard of the name Mattea, but i can only assume that like all my other fans you must be a woman. Thanks for the fan mail. You know you don't have to write every day though, okay? You have to send me a picture of that tattoo of my likeness you got on your inner thigh. That sounds totally rad!"

1/26/2006 5:22 PM|Comment Permalink|  
Anonymous Styx Paradise Theater-Side 1, Track 3 said...

This has nothing to do with the Sean Astin/Corey Haim "separated at birth" posting, but is just a shameless poke at Matt. I happened to look at the “Links” Matt provides because I happen to feel that, whether he likes it or not, Matt and I have a lot in common. Then I saw TiVo Community as a link. I have a bad habit of teasing Matt about all the quirks he has that I don’t, completely ignoring of course my own quirks. I make fun of his TiVo, but never tell him that I regularly tape TV (yes, I still use old tapes and a VCR—and I get more excited with each day because tapes are like a dime a dozen now) and have been known to surf The Late Night TV Page at to see if any one good was going to be on the late night shows that I’m too old to stay up for anymore.

Nonetheless, I think the main difference between Matt and I is that I keep my quirks where I used to think they belonged, deeply buried in the closet, known only to me and the network administrator that I paranoidly imagine constantly monitoring my use of the internet, even from home. It’s a brave new world people and I’m neither brave nor new. Matt proudly advertises that he is part of a community of people that post messages to each other across thousands of miles about how to record things from TV—because there is so much of value on TV that you don’t want to miss any of it. They forge an entire community based on it. Indeed Hillary, it takes a village to raise a child who knows whether Aslot123 really needs a 5LNB Dish (and whether it is microwave and dishwasher safe).

Matt has taught me that I have room to grow and learn. I don’t have to be afraid of my quirks. I can embrace them. Perhaps I cannot shout them from the mountain tops of my own web blog because I’m technologically inept, but I can climb Matt’s mountain and anonymously post with pride through the paper bag of anonymity over my head that, yes, I have surfed ebay to find a Jackie Vernon LP and a video tape of extreme wrestling. Sure, I used to tape the fuzzy Simpson reruns off of a local UHF channel to build a library of my favorite episodes without having to buy a DVD. Yes, I get giddy when I see that Jim Gaffigan is going to have a five minute spot on Letterman. And, sad but true, there was a time when I obsessed about Stephanie Zimbalist because all the other guys were fantasizing about Heather Thomas and I figured I couldn’t compete with them for her affections.

Take a nod from Matt fellow quirk-sters. Embrace your inner oddball and let the world see it. If nothing else, you may encourage their odd behavior, which will give you fodder to tease them and make you feel better about yourself.

1/27/2006 7:48 AM|Comment Permalink|  
Blogger Matt Van Dyk said...

Thank you (I think), Mr. Panazzo.

Note to self: Remove link to Howard Forums before you get really mocked.


1/27/2006 8:04 AM|Comment Permalink|  
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Blogger Logtar said...


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Blogger Jeff Hopman said...

I thought that was Jason Priestly in the first pic at first!

2/26/2006 5:06 PM|Comment Permalink|  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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