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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sitting in the Seat of Power . . .

One might be inclined to ask oneself, "what's the coolest possible piece of baseball memorabilia?" If one were so inclined, one would almost certainly have to answer this:

What is this? This is a pair of beautiful baseline seats from Dodgers Stadium:

And this is what one would look like if one owned such a beautiful piece of memorabilia:

Oh man is this sweet. And I've got a matching set for the office (well, originally, they were for the living room, but apparently, I'm "married" which means I have to make "compromises"; note to the unmarried: a marriage "compromise" is the term the wife uses to make the husband feel better about having proven, yet again, to be the loser of the "discussion"). Nevertheless, two words: Awe-some!


Anonymous Impressed by the Generosity said...

This is hands down the coolest chain of gifts I have ever seen anyone get. Your rapidly growing collection of Dodgers Memorabilia is impressive. I love baseball, but my collection of momentos is limited to a homer hankie and an Eddie Murray "card", which is little more than a picture of Eddie Murray I clipped off the bottom of a Twinkie box with blunt-ended kindegarten scissors.

2/03/2006 3:05 PM|Comment Permalink|  
Blogger Jeff Hopman said...

They'd be better if they were seats from Tiger Stadium, but they'll suffice.

2/26/2006 5:05 PM|Comment Permalink|  
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