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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Un-freaking-believable . . .

Only Microsoft would release a patch to fix a security vunerability IN THEIR OWN PRODUCT that doesn't install. That's right, you may have noticed that your Automatic Update (the fact that M$ even has to have an elaborate updating system in place to keep their products functional is ridiculous and, effectively, turns the computer-using public into beta testers) ran today and tried to install a bunch of stuff. What you may not have noticed is that one of the Critical Updates (KB913446) did not install correctly (noteably, it doesn't install right if you go to Windows Update at the Microsoft website either). The stupidity never stops over there. For much of the world the computer has replaced nearly every other electronics device in the house on the importance scale; we spend a lot of money carefully selecting the right products and rejecting the crummy ones . . . yet . . . there's still Microsoft. How do they keep getting away with this kind of Busch League BS?

Anyway, click here to go to the MS site that has the aforementioned critical update (
KB913446) available for manual installation and plug yet another hole in the Microsoft Dam.

P.S. Let's see if this drives some more traffic to this site than that picture of the cow I posted some time back (incidentally, that picture alone generates about 100 hits/day).


Anonymous Same Microsoft, Different Day said...

Not only believa-freaking-ble, but par for the freaking course.

Finally a posting I can weigh in on. I've been checking this website regularly and all I see is great comical postings about things that are so mainstream; like family, TV, baseball, and kids.

A combination of rage and conspiratorial cynicism has finally fueled a rant that means something to those of us who are technologically “ept.”

And the bravery of the posting. The sheer devil-may-care “bring it on” tone of it all. I expected to see a cartoon image of that impish Calvin making water on a symbolic representation of M$. Don’t you know that Bill Gates is monitoring our every move? I’m especially confident my moves are being monitored since I forwarded that email promising that I would make big bucks if I would forward the email to a dozen people. I think they were beta testing a new program called “there’s a sucker born every nanosecond.” By the way, I still haven’t received the money promised in that email. I need to drop a note to Micro $$$$$oft.

My own longstanding disdain for Micro$oft is well known in very small circles (some would call them dots). That attitude, combined with the fact that I don’t care for Starbucks and widely panned grunge music, means I don’t dare go anywhere near the pacific northwest. The only reason my computer hasn’t “mysteriously” melted down is that I keep myself off the Gates $-List by hiding my identity behind clever nom de keyboards like the one I’ve used here. LOL.

Now, to the substance of my comment: Here’s my take on what’s wrong with this update. M$’s substring is inadequate to the design of its text transformation library. Here I fear the content of text mutates and, instead of the substrings adjusting their positions accordingly to the change, as they should…duh!, M$ does not ensure that substrings remain stable with respect to a potentially mutable text. Well, why don’t you force us all to do our data entry in the middle of the freeway Micro (insert middlefinger emoticon) $oft?

Perhaps if they had a brain and parsed a substring with EBNF-like grammar it would work better. A lexical analysis engine could generate a stream of substrings corresponding to the parsed symbols. But if there were no additional steps of parsing, compiling, or generating source code required, we wouldn’t need more and more updates and open the door again and again for them to plant their conspiratorial electronic spies in our hard drives, now would we?

Either there is evil afoot, or the folks at Microsoft would be helped by a few hours playing c-jump ( with some eleven year olds.

I feel better!

Jim Abacus

PS. Dear Mr. Gates, I know you are reading this and I know that somehow, despite my clever use of fake names, you know everything about me including the names of my two adopted-under-duress barn cats. Please accept this screed in the good natured spirit in which I want you to think it was intended. WYSIWYG.

2/15/2006 3:18 PM|Comment Permalink|  
Blogger Matt Van Dyk said...

Hmmm...looks like someone learned the word "substring" (although, not necessarily what it meant) and was dying to use it in a sentence or two.

Excellent nonsensical technical gibberish my friend. Nice work.

2/15/2006 5:00 PM|Comment Permalink|  
Blogger Jeff Hopman said...

Microsoft is teh rulz!

2/26/2006 5:04 PM|Comment Permalink|  

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