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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's a serious problem . . .

The Net Neutrality/Tiered Interent problem is so serious, in fact, that, believe this or not, the below post is only number 49 when entering the following fairly specific search string into Google: "'Net Neutrality' 'tiered internet' vonage". Granted, my page rank is 4, but that tells you that A LOT of people are writing about this very issue.

Do a google search for "'corey haim' hobbit 'sean astin' 24" though and you can see that although a greater number of people are writing about the bizzare resemblance of Corey Haim to the actor who has recently played both a doddling hobbit and a whiz-bang CTU agent, I am evidently their champion.

P.S. My TiVo HDD took a crap late last week leaving my wife and I puzzled by the challenges of operating that big grey box in our living room without the little TiVo guy to help us. Thanks to the fine folks at Weaknees for restoring a sense of normalcy and order to our lives.


Anonymous Way too "into" commenting on other people's Blogs said...

Ahhhhhhh, back to just giving me fodder for my voracious sarcasm habit.

Let's start with a simple exercise: Do a Google search for "'people who perform google searches for' 'corey haim' hobbit 'sean astin' 'hoping to find' 'own weblogs' 'blogs'" How many names come up? When I tried it, Google came back with, "Did you mean: Matt VanDyk?"

I feel better.

Back to seriousness for a moment, I can believe there are a lot of people talking about this tiered internet thing on the internet. It's serious busines. But I'll bet there aren't too many talking about it at the local rest homes. Those self-absorbed old people. You old folks are the largest active voting block, let's put it to good use. Crap, I think I took a somewhat sarcastic turn at the end there. Sorry.

Okay, final sarcastic shot: Are you kidding with admitting (a) that you missed the little TiVo guy; and (b) making sure we all could link to a crazy "everything you ever wanted to know about TiVo but were afraid to ask" page?

Now, in fairness, a sarcastic shot at myself: I could use a little VCR guy (I propose they call him ViCtoR...which is one of the cheesier things I've ever put in print and am not proud of) to help me with my ancient technology. I imagine him looking a little like a Moses caricature. Not the young Moses who was beating egyptians to death either, the older Moses. The dejected Moses who hung his head at the edge of the promise land like his beard was so heavy he could no longer support his head. He could be holding a VCR tape in each hand like they were stone tablets. (Yes Bible scholars, I realize that Moses holding up the stone tablets as he stood at the edge of the promised land would be anachronistic and inaccurate. But shouldn't you be reading the Bible instead of all this tripe and filth on the internet? Check out and quit wasting time on the fourth most popular website featuring Corey Haim and
Sean Astin).

Anyway, does anyone know a website that can explain to me why my tape of the Oscars (yeah, so lame he taped the Oscars...okay, let's call it my wife's tape of the Oscars) Why my wife's tape of the Oscars was only visible if you pushed fast forward while in the play mode and, when it was in fast forward, it looked like it was at regular speed? Of course the audio didn't work. Jon Stewart is way funnier with audio. Jennifer Aniston is way funnier without. Lauren Bacall is just funny as she can't read the teleprompter and, despite mustering all the professionalism in her body, she couldn't resist giving the most hateful, dirty sidelong glance as the cameras panned back from her halting introduction to a terrible montage of "film noir" scenes. That deserves some kind of award in itself.

Tell me how many hits you get from people doing a google search of "Moses VCR 'Jennifer Aniston' 'Matt VanDyk''Lauren Bacall'" If you don't come in first, I will be very disappointed. (I'd put that "very" in italics if only I knew how. I need your help TiVo Guy).

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