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Friday, July 21, 2006

I got burned. . .

. . . literally and figuratively.

First, last night, after I returned from the GRBA golf outing, I decided to make myself a pizza. So, I put the pizza stone in the oven and proceeded to patiently pre-heat. Once it was ready, I donned oven mits, pulled out the pizza stone, put it on top of the stove, took off the oven mits, and threw on the frozen pizza. Then, the phone rang, and I picked it up and started a conversation with Steph (who was in K-zoo with Jacob visiting her parents). Evidently, I am incapable of multi-tasking because I then grabbed the pre-heated pizza stone to put my frozen pizza back in the oven. Then, I felt my flesh begin to sear like a steak, dropped said pizza stone, almost puked from the pain, and undoubtedly broke out into a string of expletives seasoned with a fair amount of screaming and groaning. I have second degree burns on the meaty part of both hands and fully across both thumbs and all my fingertips (except my pinkies, which I am using to type this blog post --I am 20 minutes into it at this point) -- all because pizza stones (which look no different blazing hot or ice cold) don't warn you when they're too hot to touch (yes, that's right, this is solely the fault of the pizza stone). Crap, this is not going to be good.

Second, Floyd Landis showed me (and the vast majority of the cycling and sports press) to be an over-reactive little girl by making up all but 30 seconds of the 8 MINUTES he lost Wednesday, in yesterday's stage (which was arguably the toughest stage of the Tour and which finished with the toughest climb in the Tour). With the final individual time trial on Saturday, and with Landis being one of the best time trialists in the race, he may well (and, indeed, probably will) win the Tour. Although most of Americans have unplugged themselves from bike racing in a post-Lance world, I agree with the Tour director that this was the single greatest individual performance/comeback in the modern era. I have eaten my crow, Floyd, nice work.

P.S. Total time to type two paragraphs with my decorative fingers: 38 minutes. D'oh.


Anonymous Juice Landis said...

Great posting on the latest news that Floyd Landis was determined to have synthetic testosterone in his "water." Oh wait, you didn't post on that. Right. I guess I'll just have to resort to the "mainstream" liberal media to figure out what to think about that.

I'm out.

Rack me up.

8/04/2006 4:10 PM|Comment Permalink|  

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