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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

John W. Millhouse . . . .

My "friend" (and I use that term loosely) has asked me to post the following bit of fiction about our relationship and my progress adjusting to my new surroundings:

As most of you know, I have recently changed jobs. I am now with Miller, Canfield in Kalamazoo. This move has worked out very well for me, in large part due to my mentor at Miller, Canfield, John Millhouse. Mr. Millhouse is a source of much inspiration and guidance for me. I feel very fortunate for having him in my professional life. In addition to being a stellar attorney, Mr. Millhouse has taken me under his wing and has shown amazing patience in bringing me along as a lawyer. I am a better lawyer and person as a result of his tutelage. So as we head into this year's Independence Day Holiday, may I suggest that each of us take a moment to thank our respective mentors and shoot off a firework in their honor. Hope to see you all at BD in the near future. Have a safe and happy Holiday. Still having fun in Kalamazoo, Hollywood.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt - I really enjoyed your new post. This John Millhouse sounds wonderful. Do you think he would like to link to my blog?

Shelley from Muskegon

P.S., How cool that you are in Orleans. I love "Dancin'In the Moonlight".

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