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  matt's weblog . . .: February 2006

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Un-freaking-believable . . .

Only Microsoft would release a patch to fix a security vunerability IN THEIR OWN PRODUCT that doesn't install. That's right, you may have noticed that your Automatic Update (the fact that M$ even has to have an elaborate updating system in place to keep their products functional is ridiculous and, effectively, turns the computer-using public into beta testers) ran today and tried to install a bunch of stuff. What you may not have noticed is that one of the Critical Updates (KB913446) did not install correctly (noteably, it doesn't install right if you go to Windows Update at the Microsoft website either). The stupidity never stops over there. For much of the world the computer has replaced nearly every other electronics device in the house on the importance scale; we spend a lot of money carefully selecting the right products and rejecting the crummy ones . . . yet . . . there's still Microsoft. How do they keep getting away with this kind of Busch League BS?

Anyway, click here to go to the MS site that has the aforementioned critical update (
KB913446) available for manual installation and plug yet another hole in the Microsoft Dam.

P.S. Let's see if this drives some more traffic to this site than that picture of the cow I posted some time back (incidentally, that picture alone generates about 100 hits/day).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sitting in the Seat of Power . . .

One might be inclined to ask oneself, "what's the coolest possible piece of baseball memorabilia?" If one were so inclined, one would almost certainly have to answer this:

What is this? This is a pair of beautiful baseline seats from Dodgers Stadium:

And this is what one would look like if one owned such a beautiful piece of memorabilia:

Oh man is this sweet. And I've got a matching set for the office (well, originally, they were for the living room, but apparently, I'm "married" which means I have to make "compromises"; note to the unmarried: a marriage "compromise" is the term the wife uses to make the husband feel better about having proven, yet again, to be the loser of the "discussion"). Nevertheless, two words: Awe-some!