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Friday, October 12, 2007

WHOA! It's Been A LONG Time.

Sorry. It's been way to long and a lot has happened. For starters we've moved...again...and hopefully we will stay put for longer than 3 years. We packed up our stuff (donated a lot too) in Grand Rapids and moved to Kalamazoo. It has been nice being closer to my parents and in a city I already know my way around.
We installed a new tv in our family room. For those of you who read Matt's blog "home theater project", and are wondering, Matt and I are still talking. I got to be quite tense a few times but an accomplishment, nevertheless.
Jacob is still an only child--no new news on that front.
He is quickly becoming a 2 year old and making sure everyone knows it. He is not as easy to distract, quiet, or subdue in the grocery store, Target, the playground, in the car, in the stoller, well, you get the point. One place he LOVES to go is our Kindermusik class. Once a week, we go sing songs, play instruments, and dance around. At first, Jacob was nervous and shy and cried the whole time but now he looks forward to going. What a relief.
So in a nutshell, that is what has been going on.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

it's a small world...

Ha, you are singing it, too. We just returned from a short but wonderful vacation at Walt Disney World and I will have Matt post the pictures on the website soon.
Matt was fortunate to have to go to a conference for work over the weekend and it was held at Disney. So Jacob and I decided to make the trip as well.
Jacob loved playing in the pool, swimming and quacking with the ducks and riding some of the rides. He hated the heat and waiting in line but daddy's slurpy made it all better. We spent one day in Magic Kingdom and we all highly recommend making the trip. Watching Jacob's face filled with awe and wonder as we made our way through Small World, his curiousity with making Dumbo fly up and down, and his lack of shyness around Donald Duck and Mickey were all priceless from a parents perspective. I can't wait to go again.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's Almost Here

Lots of things are quickly approaching and two of my favorites are almost here. The first is Christmas, well the entire holiday season, and the second, while still new, is Jacob's birthday.
What an amazing time of year. I feel like a little kid again. I am excited for the Christmas tree, Christmas lights, Christmas music (already been playing for the past month) and Christmas presents. But the reason for all my excitement has changed from years past. This year I get to see it from a one-year old's perspective. The Christmas tree, although gated and off limits to baby hands, Jacob's eyes will be filled with wonder, amazement and a little confusion. Christmas lights... Jacob's fascination with "ights" will be entertainment for him as we drive around town. Christmas music is the best! Enough said. And finally, Christmas presents. I have never been more excited to give a present to someone and watch him rip the paper off as I am this year. Last year, Jacob laid in his bouncy seat and slept most of the time. This year he will crawl all over them, rip the paper, eat the paper and then play with the box. Oh well, eventually he will play with the toys, right?
Well, I wish you all a wonderful, happy and joyous Christmas season from our family to yours. Take time to enjoy the season with family and friends and don't forget the real reason for this blessed season-Jesus.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I sit here in amazement at how much Jacob has changed and in so little time. His little brain blows me away. There is more going on in there then I give him credit for. Everyday for the past week, he has learned something new. He knows where is piggies are, gives kisses, waves, plays patty cake, gives the touchdown signal (strangely never when the Lions are on), knows what a fishy says...WOW.
It is nice to reflect back on the year. One short year ago we could walk from our back door through the kitchen and to the couch without stepping on a Noah's ark piece, a magnet or a stuffed animal. Not only do we have to watch out for those things but also a crawling baby who magically appears at your feet.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gummy Smile

Well, we have survived our first bout of teething. I will be honest, I was quite sad the day I realized Jacob was about to poke out his first tooth. No longer would he look at me and flash his big gummy smile. From now on, he will always have teeth. It made me reflect back to when all he did was lay there and occasionally look at his hands with confusion and amazement. It is incredible how much he has already changed. I love watching Jacob explore and learn about the things around him. I want to soak up each day with him and see things for the first time too. So for now my bed will remain unmade, my flowers will not be deadheaded as much as they need and I will lay on the floor with my son and make him giggle.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How Time Flies

I can hardly believe that just 6 short months ago Matt and I were leaving the hospital with little baby Jacob. Time has flown by. He has started to roll from back to stomach and sitting up with little or no help. This has made play time much more fun for me because now I am not stuck lying on my back as much.
I have been told that these next six months go by even faster. I can't wait.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's About Time

It has been quite awhile since I have posted anything. The Christmas season is past, Valentines Day and now Easter. OOPS! I have an excuse...He is 5 months old.
Well...hmmm...Do you want to know what Jacob is doing?
Since my last post, Jacob and I have recovered from a fall, he is reaching for EVERYTHING, he rolls from tummy to back, he has started eating solid foods, and sleeping through the night. It is incredible how fast time flies.

Jacob has survived his first two sets of shots. I think he faired better than his parents did. Thank heaven for Tylenol!!! And at four months he started eating solid foods. I haven't found a food he won't eat. He loves sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, bananas, pears & prunes (NOTE: Don't feed prunes to infants unless necessary--they work). He wasn't too sure about sweet peas or peaches but he will eat them. Feeding him now is so much fun and an adventure.

Ahhh, the sleeping through the night. He still occasionally likes mom to visit at 3:00 am but for the most part he can wait until later that morning to see me. He started this wonderful habit around 4 months old and only did it some of the time. Now (5 months old) he is making it through the night more often. How did I ever survive without 10 hours of sleep? Matt are you ready for baby #2? HA, HA, HA!!!

By my next post, Jacob will probably be walking, talking and maybe graduating high school. I will try to post before that all happens.

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